About Ynon Lerner

     Ynon Lerner is a Nationally Certified Muscular Therapist and graduate of the Muscular Therapy Institute located in Watertown, Massachusetts. Ynon is certified in Muscular Therapy, one of the leading techniques in alleviating the effects of injury and overuse on the body, which he incorporates into his work with a blend of Trigger Point Therapy, Dry Needling, and Benjamin System. While practicing his art in the United States, Ynon was recognized and licensed by the Board of Health in Massachusetts. Currently Ynon resides and practices in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Harvard University

     Working for years as a Muscular Therapist at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA., Ynon has treated countless of Harvard’s students, faculty, staff and atheletes, including the Harvard University Boston Marathon Club. 

Philosophy of Bodywork

     Ynon’s style of bodywork focuses on releasing chronic pain and tension through deep muscle therapeutic massage, trigger point release, isolated stretch, and simple exercises given to the client to alleviate the stresses of everyday living. Ynon's philosophy is that through functional anatomical knowledge, superior technique and client education, a Muscular Therapist can alleviate the majority of soft tissue pain and tension in the body.